Composed of eight hours of talks with the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, the ABC is the only film dedicated to this thinker who has always refused to appear on television. For the only time, he accepted interviews with a television crew, as long as the film took the form of conversations between him and his former student and friend Claire Parnet and was broadcast after his death. Deleuze did not really prepare the show: if he knew in advance the titles of the sequences, he did not know the exact content of the questions. As the name suggests, this film is divided into twenty-five alphabetically arranged themes where Gilles Deleuze discusses some of his ideas and concepts, but also more personal questions (for example, in "B as a drink", "E as childhood", or "M as diseases") in connection with his philosophical work. This book is devoted to the excerpt around "R as resistance", intertwined with my perception of this notion. Between will to convince and fear to hide, this book takes the form of a method of discussion, reasoning, questioning and interpretation. Taken in this quest for both aesthetic and rhetorical meaning, this book takes shape through a movement of thought, which occurs in a discontinuous manner. Between negation and reconciliation, this free adaptation questions the taking of party and retention as a position.

200x265mm        pure coton absynthe 90gr        digital printed